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Might a university press republish an already published book?

Might a university press consider republishing a book already published (by a respected independent press) that, because of its lack of marketing, is falling into obscurity? I think my book will sell with a more high-profile publisher, because its topic is timely, and it has received great reviews.

A successful “indie” or self-published title can definitely find new life with a university press committed to producing and marketing a new edition. Before approaching potential publishers, make sure that the original publisher doesn’t still hold the rights to your work. You should also research which presses have a reputation for publishing in your subject area. One of the best resources for identifying the most appropriate presses is the Association of University Presses Directory, which is available for purchase here:

When approaching potential publishers, be sure to include sales figures of the current edition of your book as well as copies of published reviews. Any other material you can provide, such as newspaper and magazine features on you and your work, or recent articles you’ve written, will indicate clearly that you are still actively involved with the topic you’ve published on and would be able to continue to promote the work through your ongoing professional activities.

—Fordham University Press, May 2021