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What are the open access options for my journal article?

Open access (OA) options will vary depending on the journal and publisher. The most common OA models in scholarly journal publishing are green, gold, diamond/platinum, and hybrid:

  • Green: The author-accepted manuscript is deposited into an open repository or the author’s personal website.
  • Gold: An article-processing charge (APC) is paid by an author or funder, or a transformative agreement is in place between the author’s institution and the publisher, to cover the costs of publishing in a fully open access journal.
  • Diamond/Platinum: Full journal content is published OA without APCs or reader fees. Funding comes from external sources such as advertising, philanthropy, governments, or academic institutions.
  • Hybrid: A subscription-based journal offers the option to publish individual articles gold OA with payment of article-processing charges.

Jisc Sherpa Services is a look-up tool for open access options by journal and publisher. The Directory of Open Access Journals is a global index of fully open access journals. For specifics on the options available for your article, speak with your journal’s editorial office.

—Johns Hopkins University Press, January 2024