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About AUPresses

The Association of University Presses (AUPresses) is an organization of more than 150 international nonprofit scholarly publishers. Since 1937, AUPresses has promoted the essential role of a global community of publishers whose mission is to ensure academic excellence and cultivate knowledge. The Association holds integrity, diversity, stewardship, and intellectual freedom as core values. AUPresses members are active across many scholarly disciplines, including the humanities, arts, and sciences, publish significant regional and literary work, and are innovators in the world of digital publishing.

Learn more about AUPresses here: http://www.aupresses.org/.

Read about the value of university presses here: https://aupresses.org/the-value-of-university-presses/.

About Ask UP

The Ask UP website is designed to help scholars and the broader public learn more about scholarly publishing. From books and journals to digital publishing, the Ask UP site is a resource for finding out more about the full range and value of research generated by university press publishing. The site has been created by members of the AUPresses Faculty Outreach Committee, comprised of members from university presses and other scholarly professional organizations.

The site’s FAQs answer the basic and the not-so-basic questions about how to publish and promote scholarship. Just click a topic to get information about the world of scholarly publishing, from how to submit a book proposal to how to promote your published book to how to reach out to a journal review editor.

Each quarter (fall, winter, spring, and summer), the site will be hosted by a different university press or scholarly publisher who will take the lead in answering questions and posting new content.

Learn more about hosts here: https://ask.up.hcommons.org/host/.

Submit questions here: https://ask.up.hcommons.org/submit-a-question/.

Important Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that not all presses are alike. A procedure or policy for one press may not be the same for another. These FAQs offer general information about publishing, but you should always be mindful that presses differ. Ask the press that you are working with or aspire to work with about their procedures, and be sure to follow their guidelines.