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Promoting my own book feels awkward. Is it necessary?

It’s become the standard for authors to be collaborators and partners with their publishers to promote their work, to the point that self-promotion has become an accepted and widely expected element of authorship in most fields. It can feel difficult to self-promote if you’re accustomed to being less outspoken about your work, but remember that no single person will see all—or even most—of the promotions that you send out on your social media channels or email lists. If you have good news to share about your work, whether that’s a cover reveal, a fresh new set of buy links, or an insightful review, you should share that news.

While not everyone in your contact lists will buy your book, many if not most of them will be delighted to see that your long years of hard work have come to fruition. You’re sharing a part of your life with people who have chosen to include you in theirs.

—LSU Press, September 2023

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