Turning your manuscript into a book takes a lot of time because there is a lot to do. In most cases, the manuscript will go through a series of steps: the manuscript will be copyedited, then it will be sent back to you to approve those copyedits, then the manuscript will be sent to a compositor who will ‘set’ the text into ‘book pages,’ then those pages will be proofread, the pages will be sent to an indexer and an index will be created. Meanwhile, a cover for the book will be designed and the marketing and editorial departments will work on jacket copy and endorsements for the book that will also be sent to the cover designer for the creation of the book jacket. Once all of those elements are completed, the book will be tagged for conversion into eBook format (there are many different types of eBooks and most require a specific type of format unique to them). The book will also be sent to a printer for physical manufacturing. Copies are printed and bound and then sent to a warehouse from which they are then sorted and sent out to those who have ordered the book (both individuals and booksellers).

—AUPresses Faculty Outreach Committee