While the particulars vary across presses, in general most will market crossover titles using a simultaneous two-pronged approach to connect with both the appropriate academic market(s) and a more general audience. Once a title has been vetted by marketing/sales and editorial as having crossover potential, marketing will craft the book description to signal both academic bona fides as well as wider appeal. On the academic side, marketing will make sure that the title gains attention by conducting outreach via conferences, direct mail, email, social media, and awards submissions. With respect to more general outreach: Often a publicist will present this title to the media, including local and national outlets. Sometimes the publicist will have ARCs (advance reading copies) made to send to a select list of media outlets requiring a long lead time. There are some combined activities as well: When finished copies are available, the review copy mailing list will include both academic and more general-interest publications. Likewise, the advertising campaign will comprise both academic and general-interest outlets.

—AUPresses Faculty Outreach Committee