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How do I know if a book series is a good fit for my project?

A good first step is to check the university press website to see if there are descriptions of the series, which most presses do offer. It’s also useful to look at recent books published in the series. As you research or browse the books in the series, consider whether they are books you have read, that you cite, that you admire, or even have on your own bookshelves. This is a good indication that your project could align with the series intentions. Also, research the series editor(s): Are they active and engaged in areas you hope your work will be? Do you engage their work in your own? It can also be helpful to seek input from other authors published in the series, to learn what their experiences have been. You may wish to explore how the series books have been received: Are they reviewed in the journals you’d expect them to be? Are they carried in your local scholarly bookstore and included in library collections? You can also email the acquiring editor directly to inquire about the series and share a description of your project’s ambitions. When contacting the press editor directly, it’s helpful to describe your project in a way that indicates how you believe it aligns with the series and, in doing so, to mention some of the series books your own work would be in conversation with.

—University of Arizona Press, November 2022 

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