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Can I submit my proposal to multiple presses?

Can I submit my proposal to multiple presses? And will you consider a manuscript that is under review elsewhere? 

Most presses allow for simultaneous submission of proposals but some may not want to peer review a manuscript that is also being peer reviewed at another press. Please make sure that when you contact editors you let them know that you are sending the project to multiple presses simultaneously and/or if the project is being considered or under review by another press. Transparency is very important.

If a press would like to consider your project for peer review they may ask you for an exclusive review of the project; this means that you agree to not let any other press review your manuscript while it is under review with them. You should be in touch with the other presses you contacted to alert them that you would no longer like them to consider your project; or at least for the time being. Some presses, however, are willing to undergo the review process while other presses are also reviewing the project. In that case, please make sure that you let all presses know the review timeline. Presses will ask that you do not commit to one publisher or sign a contract without allowing all of the presses reviewing your project to complete their processes and either make an offer or reject your project. Again, the expectation is that you are transparent about what is happening.

—AUPresses Faculty Outreach Committee