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Are previously published articles problematic as book chapters?

Some of the chapters in my book manuscript were originally published as journal articles. Is this a problem for publishers?

While it is not unusual for some material in a scholarly book to have originated from journal articles, publishers have different views about how much previously published material is acceptable in a book manuscript. Discuss the question with your acquiring editor. One reason presses discourage too much repurposing is that it can affect the book’s impact and performance in the marketplace. If many or most of the chapters are already available as articles, for example, instructors are less likely to assign the book in courses, and libraries might decide to drop the book from their acquisition list.

If the editor agrees to what you propose, they still might expect that you will do further work to transform a stand-alone journal article into a book chapter. Depending on your agreement with the journal, you might also need to request permission to republish the article in a book. Even if you are free to republish without permission, it is common practice to mention the previous publication in your acknowledgments.

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—Princeton University Press, March 2023